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Corporate gifting sustainably while supporting local in 2022

Aug 16, 2022 | Random Vibes, Shopfox News

Do you remember that Trivago ad a while back?

‘HOTEL – TRIVAGO’. Iconic.

It was fantastic, I mean, I’m still talking about it years later. You remember it, right? Anyway, I googled the ad – apparently the actress’s name is Gabrielle Miller and there’s a heck ton of info on her (obviously a lotta people have looked her up, too). She’s a low key celebrity and lives in Berlin now. Anyway, my point is that every time I see the word ‘HOTEL’, I think ‘TRIVAGO’

Hmmmm. Let’s give a stab at some of our own…

Corporate gifts — Shopfox.

 Promotional products — Shopfox.

 Personalized service — Shopfox.

I wonder how many repetitions are needed for word associations?

According to Google, it’s ‘a hella ton’.

Okay, not really, but none of the articles agreed on an exact number so ‘a hella ton’ seemed as close as we are going to get today.  Also, there are different types of word association methods, and some of them are a little less obvious than others. I had a little fun and sneakily hid a few phrases in the images of this article… see if you can find them. 

Moving on to more serious matters…

What’s the corporate gifting expectation these days? 

‘Tis the season to be gifting (corporately). Yup, it’s that time of year, again! When exactly, you ask? Well, we’re kinda sneaking up on the end-of-year gifting season… but that’s the best thing about corporate gifts and event gifting — it’s always the right time of year!


Now that we’ve got that out the way and you know that now is the perfect time to get those gifts, let’s talk about ‘why’ those gifts just might be your best spend of the year.

Did you know?  The corporate gifting market increased by a a crazy 400% in the past 5 years?

Those smartie-pants people that write all these statistics said that, in 2022:

“The future of corporate gifting is built off the shift to virtual workforces.

Branded corporate gifts and swag is the minimum organizations should be doing to scale their offline strategy and differentiate from competitors.

I’ve listed 4 reasons, the 4 most important reasons – but I could come up with 40. (I just don’t think you’d want to read all that…)

Why corporate gifting matters:

Just because we’re talking about the workplace it doesn’t mean the usual relationship rules don’t apply!

Studies show 77% of workers who were corporate gift recipients agreed that receiving a gift made them feel appreciated. Your employees will appreciate thoughtful gifts showing you’re grateful for their contribution. And, isn’t everyone willing to go that extra mile when they feel appreciated?

SHOW YOUR appreciation.




Acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from five to 25 times!!! more than what it costs to retain existing customers. So focusing on your existing customer base and building stronger bonds could be a more cost-effective way to grow your revenue.

By giving quality corporate gifts, you could encourage customers to keep coming back.

And where better to find quality gifts — Shopfox!

Corporate gifting could be a highly effective way to boost your brand and reputation.

Since you’re usually expressing your appreciation without a sales message or asking for anything from clients, you can subtly build a sense of trustworthiness while enhancing your relationship with the customer. It’s a welcome break from all the ‘buy this’, ‘spend this’ messages that are constantly bombarding potential customers.

STRENTHEN YOUR reputation & YOUR brand




If you take the opportunity to show clients you care

(especially when they don’t expect it),

you can make your business stand out and differentiate your brand by doing something your competitors might not be doing.

This helps keep your brand at the top of client’s minds, which in turn can drive higher sales and keep your customers coming back over the long term.

We’ve ticked the ‘when’.

We’ve ticked the ‘why’.

Now, for our personal favourite; the where.

You already know what I am going to say. And if you don’t, it must be my own fault and word association is in-fact a lie. I’m back at it with another list because what better way to get your point across than with a list? Although, I can feel the eyes of many a husband rolling right now…


Why Shopfox for corporate gifting?


1. Support local and small brands — Shopfox

We’re all about supporting local and small brands and we make that oh, so easy by offering you the best collection of South African, high quality gift options you’ll find. 

2. The best in client service — Shopfox

We take service seriously. We’re serious – call whenever and we will pick up. Email and we’re on it. Whatsapp us and we’ll reply faster than a millennial ever has. Test us – I dare you.

3. Tons of great options to choose from — Shopfox

Choice, so much of it! We’ve gone beyond the realm of possibility to give you the widest range of high quality, South African products possible!

4. Want convenience? — Shopfox

We’re all about convenience. Not our own – yours. Which is why we’re your one-stop-shop! We do it all. There are no limits to the personalised packaging and branding we offer!

5. Need gifting ideas? — Shopfox

We’re ideas people, always dreaming up the perfect way to promote your brand through gifting. Tell us about your vision and we will make it happen. Don’t have a promotional vision yet? No problem, we will make that happen too!

6. Wild and wonderful branding — Shopfox

It’s one of our things. We’re all about getting your logo front and foremost and doing that in unique and surprising ways. We get people to talking about your brand!

7. Personalised gifts — Shopfox

But still more, more than you thought was possible. We will make sure your corporate gifts are as personalised and customised as you could ever dream of!

8. Event gifting — Shopfox

We love events. Attending them, planning them, but most of all we love event gifting! And we’re damn good at at it, too. Tell us about your theme and we will create the ultimate complimentary products! You’d never believe some of the bizarre themes we’ve worked with…

9. Want a little of everything — Shopfox

We’ve pushed the limits and expanded our gift offering to include every possible category you could want! We’re talking, leather, health and wellness, home decor, apparel, luxury accessories, kiddos products, gadgets, furniture and the list carries right on!

10. Sustainable gifting — Shopfox

Think we can’t have any more to write home about? Well, think again because we’ve sourced the most sustainable gifting options there are. Yup, no more plastic junk to add to the earth’s landfills. You heard us right, folks.  We’re helping you combat pollution one gift at a time.

And in case you missed it before, sustainable gifting is among the top 5 most prioritized standards when it comes to corporate gifting… and it is only increasing in popularity.

Now that we’ve talked it all up, take a look at the

Shopfox Corporate Gifting Catalog – 2022

As I am sure you’ve have noticed by now, subtlety is not my strength. I just don’t think I was made for it, nor it for I. I tend to scream things I believe from the rooftops. Or write lists, it seems.

There’s nothing subtle about Shopfox that’s for sure. And that’s how we like it.

We’re here for ALL your corporate gifting needs and we will go above and beyond, time after time. 

That’s what we were made for.


Corporate Gifting, End of year Gifting Catalog - Shopfox