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Starting a Shop


Shopfox exists to elevate local community by helping inspired brands grow a successful business and online presence.

Get access to your very own shop page — a beautiful, fully-functioning shop featuring all your products, brand assets, contact info, and more.

Through brand consulting, specialised market exposure, resources, ads, analytics, and our unique hosting platform, we are helping local brands to thrive online.

Say goodbye to the painstaking world of hosting, domains, templates, and payment gateways. We’re here with a unique alternative to the traditional admin of launching your own website — with all the exposure of a hopping marketplace to boot!

Pack Policies


If we’re going to be sharing the same den, it’s a good idea to suss out a few things. Are we a good fit? Do we have the same dreams?
Do we dig the same things?

Our vetting process is a critical aspect of maintaining our brand and it’s important to us that we partner with businesses who hold the same value of quality and excellence that we do.

If you can answer with a resounding “heck yes!” to the following, then you might just be ready to join our pack!

Quality is policy.

Our number one rule — quality. From start to finish, we’re all about the highest quality possible. In order to uphold our brand and honour our existing partners, we require that prospecting brands adhere to similar quality standards and attribute a high calibre to their processes and products.

Sustainable. Scalable.

We want to stay local and sustainable, but we’re also marketing to an extensive customer base. Make sure you have a plan for increasing your product volume in sustainable ways.
Go big or go home! 🙂

Support local.

Our marketplace is all about elevating South African businesses or brands who source South African products! Local is lekker.


All about experience.

In the booming world of online shopping, we endeavor to be one of the best out there. We’re all about the details and hope you’ll partner with us giving our customers an experience to rave about!

Brand photos or bust.

Everyone knows the power of presentation. To maintain our aesthetic standards, we require professional, high-quality product images. If you haven’t yet had a professional brand shoot, feel free to ask about our team of photographers.

A few more details:

· Shoxfox reserves the right to approve brands and/or their products if we feel they do not fit the aesthetic of our site.

· We may limit the number of brands in a certain category to ensure our existing brands get maximum exposure.

· If you don’t have professional branding, let us know. Photography and branding services are available when setting up your shop.


Not sure if your brand fits the profile? Let’s have a chat about it! Schedule your free consultation and we’ll help as best we can to elevate your brand!

Shop FAQ

Does Shopfox process my orders?

Shopfox processes all orders through our site and payment platform — you fulfill the order! You’ll get personal email notifications and can view your orders through your Brand Dashboard.

Will Shopfox handle shipping?

You have two options when it comes to shipping. It is up to each brand’s preference and discretion.

  1. Ships from Shopfox
    Brands will stock our storeroom on consignment. Customers can have access to free shipping and/or order multiple products from our marketplace at one fixed shipping fee. (this option is currently not available while our storeroom is pending).
  2. Ships directly from the brand
    Separate shipping fees will be applied at Checkout (if the customer has multiple products in their cart). This can undermine the experience and is not recommended. With this option, brands will source their packaging from us, or use their own approved packaging.
How does payment work?

We have different pricing schemes based on your brand’s preference. Our standard plan includes a commission fee percentage will be applied to cover card transaction fees and the use of our platform. 

Payouts happen every 30 days via direct EFT.

Do you guarantee Marketing?

We heavily market our products and brands. However, as the platform grows, we will not be able to offer all products equal marketing resources and exposure. When you start up your Shopfox shop, marketing your products becomes our discretion. You’ll be able to purchase a marketing/advertisment package from us if you would like extra exposure.

What if I don’t have product photography?

Photography is required to adhere to Shopfox standards. If you would like Shopfox to do your product photos for you, we offer this service at a discounted rate when you set up your shop.

If I don't have branding?

A professional logo isn’t required to start your shop. However, our sales and marketing experts will tell you that good branding is critical to defining a strong and successful brand presence. As with photography, our designers are on call to help you with a logo or branding assets. Just pop us an email and we’d love to help where we can!

How much customisation control do I have over my shop page?

When you first join, you can choose between one of our basic shop templates. Further customisations are available on request. We want your store to look as much like you as possible! Custom fees may apply, based on complexity. Ultimately Shopfox reserves the right to approve your layout and imagery to best compliment the aesthetic of our site.

Start the application!

Do you have brand/product photography?

Do you have a professional logo/branding?