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The Q‎‏uality Policy

Thanks for stopping by – we love having you here! As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re a carefully curated platform. Our vetting process is a critical aspect in maintaining our brand. We take quality seriously which is why it’s important to us that we partner with businesses who hold the same value of beauty and quality. 

This policy is here to explain our standards and to help you gauge whether Shopfox would be a good fit for your brand!

Quality is policy.

Our number one rule — quality. From start to finish, we’re all about providing the highest quality possible. In order to uphold the standard we’ve set for our brand and to honour our existing partners, we require that prospecting brands adhere to similar quality standards and attribute a high calibre to both their processes and products.

Sustainable. Scalable.

We want to stay local and sustainable, but we’re also marketing to an extensive customer base. Make sure you have a plan for increasing your product volume in sustainable ways. Go big or go home! 😉

Support local.

Our marketplace is all about elevating South African creatives or brands who source South African products!

Local is lekker.

All about experience.

In the booming world of online shopping, we endeavor to be one of the best out there. We’re pretty focused on the details and hope you’ll partner with us giving our customers an experience to rave about!

Brand photos or bust.

Everyone knows the power of presentation. And when selling online, images really are make or break. So it’s pretty simple – if your images don’t convey the standard of your products, they aint gonna sell – and neither of us wants that.

To maintain our aesthetic standards, we require professional, high-quality product images. If you haven’t yet had a professional brand shoot, feel free to ask about our team of photographers.

Don’t be kak, be lekker.

Life’s too short to work with people who make the day drag on, right? The relationships we build with our brands are really important to us. We love getting to know the people behind the brand, it’s a pretty big part of Shopfox. And we love that we get to work alongside nice people. I guess the best way to put it is,  ‘don’t be kak, just be nice’.

A few more details:

– Shoxfox reserves the right to approve brands and/or their products if we belive they do not fit the aesthetic of our site.

– We may limit the number of brands in a certain category to ensure our existing brands get maximum exposure.

– If you don’t have professional branding, please let us know. Photography and branding services are available when setting up your shop.

Not sure if your brand fits the profile? Let’s have a chat about it — we would love to talk! Let’s schedule a call and we’ll help as best we can to elevate your brand!