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What is Shopfox?

Shopfox is an online marketplace that features a curated collection of inspired South African brands and creatives. We’re passionate about supporting local brands and offering an elevated online shopping experience.

We’re also a platform for emerging brands to host their own online shop. It’s tough out there for the small guys… real tough, especially when they’re just starting out. We make it our mission to create a space for them to grow, giving them a foot up in the South African online market.

Can I start a Shopfox shop?

Yes – that question gets us excited! We’re always looking for incredible brands to join us — we know how many of you there are out there! Check out our Start a Shop page for more info or give our brand manager a call on +27 72 683 9263. She’s not shy of a chat!

How long will my order take to ship?

Our standard shipping takes 1-3 days if you order directly from our brands or from our storeroom. 

Because of the nature of our individual shops, separate shipping times may apply depending on the brand and location. Some products are made to order and require at least 7 days for manufacturing. We know that waiting has long since become a lost art and that we’ve all grown accustomed to getting the things we want right now. But when that means sacrificing quality, well it’s just not worth it, is it?

Custom items will be marked with their manufacturing time.

Explain the shipping fee?

By default, our platform allows brands complete control over managing their stock and fulfilling orders. If you have products from multiple brands/shops in your cart, you will only be charged one flat shipping fee of R99.00. I know – that’s pretty crazy right?!

Your order should be delivered in 1-3 days* if all items are in stock.

*Any products that are made-to-order require additional manufacturing time unique to each product. You will be notified before checkout but we promise, a little wait is so worth it. Trust us, we’ve seen what’s in store, and you’re gonna love it too!

How do I return items?

With very little hassle. Your experience from beginning to end  is our priority so we have taken care to ensure that the process is as simple as possible! Click here to view our returns policy.

What can I return or exchange?

Good question! Obviously any faulty or damaged upon delivery, goods qualify for return! Click here to view our returns policy.

We like to think we’re pretty reasonable. So, if you think your item qualifies for return even if it’s not totally cut and dried, let us know and we can chat about it!

When happens when I order from different brands?

This is one of the best parts of Shopfox (if we do say so ourselves)! 😉 We’ve taken great care to curate products from different brands to ensure a selection of items you’ll love! And we’d hate for there to be an extra cost because you’ve got extra lovin’ for yet another epic, local shop.

We have a flat rate shipping cost – no matter how many brands you buy from, you will only be charged a single shipping fee. So go wild, shop it up. It pays afterall 😉

I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.

Hmmmmm, that’s strange! WhatsApp us at +27 61 583 5855 so that we can look into it right away!

I had a problem with my payment.

You can picture that awkward moment, at the till, a long queue of impatient shoppers lined up behind you. You’ve unpacked a full trolley and you swipe your card. DECLINED. The PicknPay teller shouts out, just in case someone at the back of the store has an unnatural interest in knowing the state of your bank balance. Well anyway… that can happen online too but the good news is that your unlucky predicament isn’t on display in quite the same way.

If you have any confusion over an unsuccessful payment please contact us on +27 61 583 5855 so that we can sort it right out!

Honestly, I’m still a lil confused…

Well, that’s okay! Pop us a whatsapp on +27 61 583 5855 and let us know how we can help!

For more information about hosting your shop or selling on Shopfox, see the Shop FAQ at the link below.